Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday was one of those days filled with one disappointment after another until I opened the mailbox and saw these babies! They took their sweet time getting here, but they turned out so great. They make me happy!
Just think how happy they would make someone with a heartfelt note from you written inside! (or from me, I'm keeping some!)

Each 4x5 card is printed on thick 100-lb card stock and blank on the inside.
Envelopes are included. All prices include shipping and packaging.

Love Rocks- pack of 10 ($16) `sold

Baby Love - pack of 5 ($8)

includes floral, animals, love rocks, baby love & more
pack of 10 ($16) ' sold

Floral - 2 packs of 10 or 1 pack of 7 available ($16 or $12) 'sold


ddcarolersnj said...

How do we order? And how do we see what the other images in a pack look like? I wanna spend some dough on pretty cards!

ddcarolersnj said...

This is Vanessa, btw.

Photography by Tracie said...

You can call me (if you have my number) or email. I'm going to have to think about how to show all the cards. Most of them are visible in the top picture, but yeah, I still have some work to do!