Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ben!

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My baby boy is 4 today. He is such a good kid and keeps us cracking up. He's the funniest.

This year in Ben's life was full of huge changes. He dealt with each one like a champ. He is still in love with Spiderman and his daddy. He loves pb&j, green smoothies, hard boiled eggs, and "BcDonald's". (he refuses to accept that it's McDonald's) (that's Ben) He learned to write his name this year, and ride his bike with training wheels. He prefers to ride his scooter up and down the hall. He does not like the merry-go-round or swinging too high. He is the quintessential little brother to his tween drama queen sister. They adore each other and fight a lot. He loves play-doh, pajamas, and Wal-mart. This year, he will go to Pre-K and I will cease to be a SAHM. (stay at home mom) He's ready. I'm having a little harder time letting go of his babyhood. It went by so fast.

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Lauramamadoula said...

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

wow time flies! I can't believe he's 4!!